Will it never end?

Will it never end? It's only been a month since my grandma's funeral and i thought things were finally settling down. But i thought wrong. I thought problems in my family have finally exhausted themselves and i'm left with my own problems. But no! My dad went out this morning to have lunch with his friend and to get something. he was looking for his friend's car, he fell and nearly broke his nose. His glasses cut into his nose and he had to get stitches for the cut. His nose and forehead are swollen. His knees and hands are scraped bad. His whole body's aching. Lucky it didn't bring on a heart attack or i'd have lost my dad. My dad just got out of the hospital 2 months ago. The docs said these 3 months are critical that he doesn't get another attack. And his blood has always been a bit thin which makes cuts and bruises difficult to heal. I'm so worried abt him. When i came home from work and saw him with his nose bandaged, my heart nearly stopped! With so many things happening so close together, everyone is feeling the stress. In fact, the whole family's been sick lately. Sigh! When will all this bad luck end? Will it ever end? It's getting very difficult to hang on and pretend to be strong enough for everyone. I'm exhausted!


escape2 said...

jia you...hang on there

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