Manukan Picnic

Finally after 2 weeks of holidaying and getting used to my new routine, I have now uploaded some pics taken on the picnic to Manukan Island. It was a beautiful day if I remembered correctly,... a bit too sunny with a shower on the boat back to kk... Everyone arrived on time, in fact, we had to wait for the boat to take us there. Being me, I hate boat rides. Rick was there. My friends were there. It was a good start. You can see so many fish there. You can see the fish very clearly because the water was so very clear! The beach was fantastic. Long white sandy beach and we found a corner all to ourselves. The table was covered with food! and drinks... hehehe... it was so full, the table top couldn't be seen at all. Martin and Rick were boring mat sallehs! hehe.. Martin only had his tuna sandwiches and Rick had his 'shau nyuk' and 'char shau'. the rest of us had egg and another type of sandwiches(can't remember what), fried chicken wings, 2 types of fried sausages, shau nyuk and char shau, keropok, apples, and can' remember what else. I had the whole bottle of Fanta Fruitade which I refused to share more than half a cup with Niv, Vun, and Keona. hehe... The baby protection was hilarious to the point of being ridiculous(bless them!) and Alexia was gorgeous(ah! the joy of youth!) Baby going tada! when she made a 'sandcastle'(so absolutely adorable!) the food( courtesy of the moms!) my Fanta(thanx to Vun)... fantastic! Will be a long time before we go on another picnic like that together again I think!


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