Summer Holiday 08 - Langkawi

Hehe.. Holiday this year was in
Langkawi because Phi Phi was too expensive and Rick had to fly to KK first. So the trip started with two overweight luggage...hehe...the flight was horrible! sigh! Rick said it's because of the small plane...hmmm... On the way to the resort...hehe... it was like going thru a very big kampung with lots of resorts scattered all over! I thought Langkawi was like a mini city!!!

So we got to the resort, the first thing that greets you is a wood carving of many fish swimming! Fantastic work! you have to see it to understand what I mean. The receptionist was so courteous! And Rick wanted to fight with the porter to carry the bags to our chalet...sigh! Lucky we needed the porter to show us to our room...

The room is a bit run down to be honest but everything else was good cos the resort was very eco-friendly, like they plant lots of fruit trees everywhere and they have an adopt-a-tree programme. The beach was fantastic! Not crowded, lovely long stretch...we walk from end to end every morning and evening. It's really really romantic while burning calories!!! hehe...and the sunset is gorgeous!

Oh and Rick even donated blood cos there was a Blood Donation drive for the Staff but he went and I couldn't because I replaced the blood for my grandmother. oh well,...and he got a free dessert for his effort from the resort!!!

We walked to Pantai Cenang, the shopping part and bought myself a red bikini...hehe...We rented a car cos he couldn't ride a motorbike on his driver's license. We drove to Makam Mahsuri. Finally, i know what the legend is. Then we went to Black Sand Beach which was a disappointment because only a small part of the beach had black sand which was actually granite silt. We also went to Kuah Parade(I think) and got some photos developed and bought a pair of sunglasses for RM 14 on discount. Rick was very impressed. My favourite place was the beach at Tanjung Rhu. It was beeaaauuutttiiiful! White sand, calm blue waters, islands dotting the horizon, very few people... I think because this was the expensive part of the island. Another favourite was Underwater World. Fantastic collection of fish, penguins, birds and a few snakes and the world's smallest monkey(can't remember what they are called) but the place was a bit small for the animals and the 3D show was a disappointment. I'm not even sure what the point of it was and the show was a bit outdated I feel. Anyways, my favourite was the sea dragon, the most beautiful sea creature I hv ever seen!

Best part was on the night of the Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. They had a buffet dinner and they seated us right behind the projector in front of the outdoor screen! hehe...but we had a misunderstanding after dinner and for the first time, he was so angry with me that I was scared of him and I didn't know why he was angry. But we made up after that so everything was fine again.

One whole week on a beautiful beach with a gorgeous man
, beautiful sunsets, lots of sunshine,... sun, sea, sky and man...what else can a girl ask for???


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