Little Garden...

We went out yesterday to get new plants for the house cos the ones we bought 2 years ago are dead! It's not that surprisingly considering they are potted plants and went through droughts whenever Rick was away... hehe..

Our money plant is a monster though! I have to keep winding the tendrils back round itself. When we bought it, it was about 4 feet. Now, the monster is almost 6 feet. The only reason why it is not taller is because it has outgrown its support and can't climb the wall!

Our little conservatory in the apartment...looks so nice with the flowers at the windowsill. The sunshine comes in at this corner so it looks really nice, like a little garden.

Flowers on the windowsill where Rick works at. Sorry the pic's a bit dark.

It's amazing how a bit of colour brightens up the room and how flowers can put a smile on your face. I wish we have a proper little garden to potter in though...


Miss Mathew said...

I MISS UK!!!!!

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