Narcissistic Behavior

Hmm... I was surfing the internet for the correct spelling of 'narcisus' when i chanced upon this article on Narcissistic Behaviour.

It's when a person is 'intensely in love with self', has an '
exaggerated sense of superiority', 'distorted self-image' and has 'intense emotions' as 'defense mechanisms by a narcissist, to conceal his deep sense of insecurity and low self-esteem' as a result from 'excessive pampering, parents pressurizing the child to do something in order to enhance their own self esteem, neglect by the parents or abuse by elders'.

Isn't this just interesting? Hehe so interesting in fact that I had a teeny moment of panic when I read the characteristic of this personality disorder!!! Here's why... According to the website, these are the traits...

Narcissistic Behavior Traits or Characteristics
A person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder exhibits some specific behavior traits or patterns.
  • Narcissists are hypersensitive to insults, defeat, criticism, and often tend to react aggressively when faced with such situations.
  • They are introverts, hence they don't make it obvious even if they are hurt.
  • They are preoccupied with fantasies related to power, wealth, success and love.
  • They feel that they are special and hence desire to be treated in a special way.
  • They lack the ability to understand humane emotions. They don't try to understand other people's needs, feelings or viewpoints.
  • Narcissists are self-centered and consider themselves to be superior to others.
  • They are boastful and often indulge in exaggerating themselves and their achievements.
  • They set unrealistic goals for themselves and don't hesitate in taking extreme measures to attain these goals.
  • They like being constantly admired and crave to be the center of attraction always.
  • They appear very arrogant in nature and sport an unnecessary attitude or ego most of the time.
  • They are always envious about others but simultaneously think that other people are envious about them.
A person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder may take to drug abuse and alcholism as a means of coping with their difficulties. This disorder hampers the development of healthy relationships between this person and other members of his family and society.

I don know about you guys... but I seem to have more of these traits that I like! hehe... in fact, I had to ask Rick if I was just plain vain or if it sounded like I had this narcissistic personality disorder... ... ... He said I was just VAIN...sigh!


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