So I'm finally here with hubby again starting our married life properly...hehe...reason why I laugh is because there's not much of a difference to before we got married which I'm glad! So 3 months after the wedding and after 3 trips to the British High Commission, I get my visa. But I couldn't leave until after my grandma's one-year in June. So all that done, I'm finally here.

Wasn't a smooth trip though... first my kk-kl Airasia flight was delayed for 3 hours cos the flight before had to be redirected to Kuching or somewhere for a medical emergency. Another flight was even worse, they were delayed from 6 plus till midnight. There were a lot of angry ppl at the airport that day.

I felt a bit better when I got to Concorde Inn near Klia. It was a gem hidden in the 'wilderness' sort of...I was pleasantly surprised. I do recommend staying there if you have an overnight transit in kl. Had a drink with Kong Hong, my bro and caught up with him.The kl-london MAS flight was a bit better. But for some reason, it was an uncomfortable long flight for once. I couldn't sleep properly cos I sat between 2 big guys. sigh! not that I needed much space but still. The poor lady behind us was a six-footer and big. She couldn't fit in her seat properly and was complaining throughout the whole flight and nobody would swap seats with her. I started a conversation with the Aussie beside me. His name is Terry. He builds scaffolding in Oz. Said he worked in the bush for 2 years and saved enough to take 2 years off work to travel Europe. It's so cool! I doubt very much a malaysian would earn enough being a lawyer to take 2 years off work to travel... sigh

So after the long passport control queue and the queue to get an xray done, I finally got out of the airport and Rick drove us home in the jam. Moment I got home and on our bed, were presents for me...hehe...presents as in food, ferrero rocher, crisps, kinder chocolate to get my food horde started he said...hehe... oh and a card that says 'welcome home, my lau por' haha
then he gave me that green ostrich wallet from South Africa, the replica pot and the pot of spices from Greece...not very romantic of my man but he always gets me unexpected gifts like that. Once I mentioned I wanted a mortar and pestle, he got me a marble one from Eygpt...haha.. Practical man my hubby...haha


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