The past weeks

Since the last time I updated my blog, I've been busy. With what? with working as usual...sigh working at the restaurant takes up sooooo much of my time that I have no time for myself! oh well... another 3 weeks and I'll be home...

When I had time, this was what I'd been busy doing...

Aren't they cute? They are for my sister's baby. She's due end of March. So when I'm back for Chinese New Year, I can give it to her. In case anyone's wondering, I didn't use wool to make these, they are acrylic or cotton so the poor little thing won't overheat!

This is super soft! but hard to work with. it's just soooo cute.

Also, a pair of gloves for me. Made a pair for hubby too but I couldn't be bothered waiting for him to look for them for me to take a pic.

This is a draught stopper to stop the freezing wind coming into the living room from the kitchen. I had to make something to use up the scraps.

Right, so the snow was upon us again last week. It has all be enrained and washed away now and everything is black again... I had to walk to work when it snowed cos we couldn't be bothered digging the car out and it wasn't worth it cos the roads were too slippery to drive on. Now, I'm being chauffeured to work again and home...hehehe...and the roads aren't slippery anymore so I don't need my gumboots at the moment. I'm happy! Snow is pretty but not very practical I say! The same goes for gumboots!

All bundled up on the way home after work.

The giant tree at the middle of the roundabout covered in snow. It's beautiful, isn't it? The lines of lights across the pic are snow caught in the pic.

This was taken when the snow was just starting to melt and the temperature went up a bit. This is a pic of the buds on the branch of a tree right in front of our front door covered in icicles. The pic doesn't do the sight any justice! It's like the scene in Ice Age 1 where prehistoric animals were frozen in ice! hehehe... it was beautiful! but an idiot broke the branch 3 days after I took this pic.

hmm...wonder what's going to happen this week....


SJB said...

3 week to go, yahoo for u (^_^). By the way, love the giant tree, pretty.

*u from Malaysia too?

escape2 said...

beautiful photos...beautiful boots and snow

PengPeng彬彬 said...

good thinking with the cotton (i was thinking the same thing as well, hehe)

they look so cute, especially love the yellow ones.

did you have to buy cotton to stuff your draught stopper? it looks lovely.

i bet you are really counting down the days now.

lucky you :)

Bea said...

SJB, ya, I'm from Sabah.

Escape, thanx!

Peng, I stuffed it with cat litter. cheaper and better I think. Ya, am counting the days everyday!!! am sooooo excited!!!!

ash said...

OoOoh the door stopper looks really practical. Everything looks like you're in a magic wonderland. Probably not too nice when you're stuck in the cold outside but absolutely beautiful when you're sipping hot chocolate inside. How long'll you be back for?

Bea said...

hehe...yes, everything is sooooo beautiful; when you are warm indoor...will be back for a month and a half

Audrey Wiles said...

gosh the tree pic is super gorgeous... love it... wish i were there... ;-) i've only really experienced about 2cm of snow buildup.. haha.. nothing really!

cant wait for u to get back!!!!

Bea said...

yes! can't wait to go back!!!

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