Neat Streak

Have you ever wondered where that pair of earrings is? or where that pendant is? or found a necklace that you forgot you had? I mean I remember and know exactly where my things are among my organised least I remember where the things I always wear are anyways.... hehehe... and about my organised mess...I know exactly where my things are, be they under the pile of papers or in the purple box or out in the open! or so I keep telling Hubby...hehe...well, I know where everything is until I start clearing up and putting things away!!! Putting things away never fails to amaze me because I can't find a single thing after that!!!!!

Anyways, back to what I was saying... hehe... I had a sudden inspiration of organising my earrings and my yarn collection that even Neat Freak Peng (sorry, hun!!!!) would be proud of!!!! Take a look at this!!!

hehe...I strung a piece of leftover chunky yarn(that Peng gave me long ago, thanx!!!) across the back of the shelf and hung my earrings in pairs on it....cuts out lots of time trying to sort earrings out! and it looks gorgeous and you can see everything at a glance and decide on that pair of matching earrings.  I'm still thinking of how to organise my pendants... and I keep making new pendants to add to my collection! And my collection of rings.. hmmm... but this must wait till the next inspiration hits me....

Note: must remember to post pics of new jewellery!!!

I mentioned organising my collection of yarn...  ... ... Ta Daa!!!!!
These are the balls of yarn that are not involved in any projects at the moment...hehe... This pic doesn't do it justice! It looks much nicer in my closet..hmmm..

Note: must take another pic of yarn!

See the shelf below my yarn? That shelf is dedicated to my nail things. Out of the pic on the right, the space is for my Craft and Scrapebooking things. And then there are shelves for my shoes...heheh I love this closet! It's my Treasure Trove.


SJB said...

Very good idea :D.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

am i a neat freak?

i love your treasure trove closet... i wish i had one here...

when are you setting up your jewel making business?? i want to buy that ring!!

ash said...

oh nice. and if the yarn ever sag you can tie knots at regular intervals so that the earrings don't bump into each other or land altogether in the middle. and when they're in the open like that you'll tend to use them more. hmmm now i think i need to reorganize my accessories.

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