As I haven't blogged for so long, I thought I'd put in random pics of what's been going on since my last blog...

This is me drooling at the Rugby Sevens 23/05/10 at Twickenham with the guys. 

The largest gathering of superheros wor...sigh... was wondering why there were so many people dressed as superheros and characters from movies and animations...mad!!! but fun!

Next is the progress of my vegetables...sigh...while I'm still in UK, better try planting vegetables kan?
the biggest of my tomato plants...stupid aphids and flies have been attacking my baby tomato plants, the snails attacked them...sigh... tomatoes grow very quickly but is so susceptible to insect attacks! still, anyone want tomato plants??? I've still got lots!!!!

my sweet peas...some of the leaves look a bit yellow...wonder why?!?

Left : some of the red onions
Right : garlic

This is my potatoes but for obvious reasons, you can't see the tubers!!! Not sticking my hand in to check in case there are earthworms or slugs in the compost!!!

2nd batch of salad leaves. 1st batch got dug up by the stupid squirrel that also killed my sprouting rose bush and nearly killed my tomato and sweet pea plants. didn't realise until today at Yo!Sushi that you can eat baby salad leaves like this. tastes a bit too peppery for my liking though so will use for dinner garnish tonight on my meatloaf! hehe

hmmm...will blog more soon or I will have nothing left to blog about...since I have been ordered to rest my thumb by hubby, nothing really exciting has happened to me at home.  Oh! having thumb tendonitis is horrible cos you really have very limited movements since you can't do much without your thumb!


SJB said...

Oh..my plant been attacked by a rabbit. Kurang asam punya rabbit!!.

Hey, at least your baby salad looks healthy :D.

Bea said...

ya lah...squirrel also teruk...digging up everything!! kononnya want to hide or find nuts! bodoh betul... so many places tak mahu, mesti juga have to dig in my pots!!!

CupCake said...

I know nothing about rugby (yet, Mr.CupCake is trying to get me to follow).. and I know very little of plants, but I remember when I lived back home and had some plants and anted snails to stay away - I'd put a tight line of salt/sea salt around it - the snails will dry out and die if they try and cross.. they did at home anyway :)

Bea said...

Thanx Cupcake, I found 2 giant snails digging into my pots and killed my onions!!! I'll try the salt! ...and I don know much about Rugby too!!! hehehe... I hope you feel better already!

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