Wedding Bells-Part 3

We had a wedding that was traditional with playing the groom and tea ceremony in the morning. Rick and his friends drove the hired van to my mom's house for the groom playing part. I had to wake up at 530 to get my make up done so that it's done before 8am. Rick and his gang were supposed to get to my mom's house by 8am so we can finish the game thing well before 9 and obviously they were right on time. Sylvia, Michele, Cheryl, Alexia and Max were my 'sisters' with Sylvia and Cheryl leading the gang. Rick had Fahim and Bart to help him. James was our official photographer. Hannie, Bart's wife, was good enough to take charge of Rick's camera. Anthea helped James.

What I resent was they were having so much fun outside while I was hot and bored and hungry in the house! They had the Rick shout 'I Love You' in Hakka, write my name in chinese, did push ups(Rick) and sit ups(Fahim), my favourite flower, my height(which Rick never knew cos I refused to tell him! But Bart and I were discussing the depth of the swimming pool at the hotel the day before and I said I could drown in it cos it was 1.5m and I'm shorter than that. I forgot about this conversation! You should see their faces and Sylvia's face when Bart answered!), sang our song which is Can't Take My Eyes Off You(thanx to Bart's lead vocals, Fahim's Rhythm, Rick as back up and practice with the hotel band the night before, they pulled it off! 3 times! haha cos I couldn't hear a thing in the house. Too bad we didn't manage to video it!), ate tarap(which can only be grown in Sabah) and wasabi on oatmeal biscuits. What was funny was the 3 'gwai los' going through it. It was different!

After that, we went to the beach to take pictures. hahah Rick and I were like royalty. We had umbrellas over out heads and our royal subjects trailing us. It was fantastic but it was Sunday and there were people having picnics there. hehe and there we were posing for pictures and having fun under the hot sun. I was so afraid my false eyelashes would fall off. Throughout we had like 5 or 6 cameras taking pictures...hehe... the paparazzi! hehe

Then we went home for the tea and cake cutting ceremony. I wore a red cheongsam. Felt like I was baking in it! The kids were so cute! Annabelle was so serious and Stephanie refused to serve tea to Uncle Rick. The kids were in half the pictures we took, either one of them or both! Besra was also very cute. She had fun playing with Uncle Bart. So cute!


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