Wedding Bells-Part 2

Right finally decent internet connection... so the civil ceremony... you wouldn't believe what happened!

we went to the office before 10 am thinking the earlier we get there, the faster we'd finish the ceremony...but noooo... I got my brother and sister to be our witnesses. so we all got there by 930am. my bro planned to go off straight to work after that. we got there, waited for them. they went through our documents again and then told us we had to go all the way to kk and get the form signed by a JP! by then my bro had to go back to work already.

so we had to go to kk and get the things signed and paid and then drive all the way back to the office again. by then we were one witness my poor sister-in-law who was just diagnosed with diabetes had to drive all the way to the office to be our witness. all that waiting and running around took an hour and a half.

now for the best part, when everything was finally done... they made us wait in the room. the room is quite pretty and we had cameras with us so why not take a few pics cos we doubted that we will have time during the ceremony. hehe we were happily snapping pics of us exchanging rings and posing and using their malay wedding chairs(whatever they are called). We were having fun and laughing. We found out later that to use the chairs, you had to pay RM1000!!! lol

Then the woman came in to marry us. I was laughing and the first thing she said was...(drumroll...) 'WHAT'S SO FUNNY HUH?' ... I was shocked!!! so shocked I kept quiet...all the laughter out gone clean out of me... can you imagine being told off on your wedding day??? Bitch! and the ceremony was more like a swearing in ceremony than a wedding ceremony. we had to raise our right hand throughout the whole thing. She shook our hand at the end of goodness!!!! it was like holding a limp fish in your hand...cold nd clammy and limp! ppl should learn how to shake hands properly! that bitch!

ppl are right! Your wedding day is definitely a day to remember!!!


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