Wedding Bells-Part 1

Most of you would have probably known by now that I am married... lol.. it feels wierd to say it to be honest...not that there is any difference to my life right now..but still saying it makes me blush. Afterall, I have been saying I am single for so many many years and I enjoyed saying it although my mom used to cringe every those were the days...

Since I am very lazy and my internet connection is slower than a snail, I will have to tell the story in parts starting with the eventful 'pre-civil ceremony'.

We had to apply for a special license to get married because Rick couldn't be here for 20 days and he couldn't come twice. The special license is permission to get married within a week of your application. It costs RM100 for the license and RM 20 for the ceremony and another RM 10 for the English marriage certificate which is only everything translated to English...sigh

Ok so at first months before, my mom went to JPN(because Chinese Chambers are not allowed to conduct marriages involving foreigners anymore!) and asked them if we could have the ceremony held on a Sunday at my mom's place and the lady said we could but we had to pay them a fee to get that done. So with a heart full of anticipation, I went to the JPN office to arrange things when I came back to kk, but the guy I talked to there said they don work weekends and so my hopes were dashed. I had to explain to Rick why the civil ceremony and the chinese part had to be on different days. you try explaining things so a 'gwai lo' can understand...sigh!

So Rick got here and we went to the office to get a form(which they wouldn't give you until the groom-to-be is present) and filled it in and had to wait till after lunch to hand it back cos apparently 30 mins is not enough to complete the form and we were sent home. sigh....not a good start...after lunch, we submitted the form. they told us they would call us after the form was signed by their Pengarah within a week.

No calls came after 3 working days so I called them. Took more than half an hour for someone to pick the phone up! Apparently our form was approved 2 days after we submitted the form! I said no one called us and they insisted they did...ya right!!!!! They asked us when we would like to get married and then told us to go the NEXT day to sign the marriage certificates cos it was either the next day or the following week! Sigh! And we were supposed to go to Australia the week after! Why bloody ask you when when you don have choices?!? Can you imagine if I hadn't called them??? We won't even be legally married now!

This is not even the worst part of it! Wait till I am in a calmer mood to tell you about the actual civil ceremony! The next part would be To Hit or Not To Hit!!!!!


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