My Wallet

Having nothing else better to do on this incredibly hot and stuffy day, i've decided to do what Peng Peng has tagged me to. So here are pictures of both the inside and outside of the wallet i'm using now.

As you can see, this wallet has seen some wear and tear from being used in KK and UK not that i use it everyday in Uk cos it's too small for the English Pound notes. I think I bought this in Signature in Karamunsing. I used to work in Karamunsing and we had to walk through Signature, which is a departmental store, to get back to the office after lunch. It is much nicer to walk through the children's, toiletries, bags and linen sections than the electrical section.

So the brand of the wallet is SMR Ros Maris Collection or something like that I think. It's one of those cheap wallets but it looks and feels like soft leather and it doesn't stink like real leather does. I hate that smell.

Right! Now the inside... What i like about this wallet is it has lots of card slots although these days I stick to the minimal. It's folded 3 ways but normally I open only the flap and take money out from the middle section. The last section is where i 'hide' half my money. My favourite thing in the wallet is Rick and my picture. I love that each time I open the wallet, I see our picture. It puts a smile on my face when i see my old man. And i never buy a wallet if it doesn't have a space for pictures!


escape2 said...

and what a nice pic it is to look at everytime the wallet is open

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