Dragonboat festival

Today is Dragonboat festival. Every year I look forward to this festival because my grandmother would make rice dumplings for everyone. I only eat the rice dumplings she made and no one else's. hehe... I'm sure for those of you whose mums or grandmothers make rice dumpling,s you'd understand. But my grandmother was in the hospital last year at this time so she couldn't make any. My sister and I made rice dumplings last year hoping that my grandmother could try ours, but she passed away before she could. So now it's up to my sister and to carry on the tradition.My grandmother's recipe is using minced meat and crushed peanuts. She used to add salted egg yolks and 'sau nyuk' but we don add that cos of my dad's health-low salt diet. We started preparing the ingredients and soaking the rice since last sat. We wrapped it on sun. We wrapped rice dumplings the whole day, as you can see from the pic. We didn't use the dining table cos it was cooler and had more space outside. My grandmother used to do that too.Broke our backs making the rice dumplings but it was fantastic seeing my family eat them. Ours isn't as nice as my grandmother's but we are carrying on the tradition.


Audrey and Martin Wiles said...

hey how come u didnt give me any to sample? i know your grandma's passing was hard on you, and it's lovely that you're continuing the tradition. i wish i had a similar custom to follow but i dont. ah well.. count yourself lucky girl!

Bea said...

yes, her passing was and is one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. and making this was the last thing she wanted to eat but couldn't before she passed away.

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