Cheryl's Blog-Review

Just the other day I was chatting to Cheryl, she said something that made a lot of sense. She said (and i quote) 'It's nice to get along with hubby's friends'...and that got me thinking...yup, it is nice and it certainly avoids a lot of trouble that comes with 'hubby and his friends' and 'hubby and his friends and i'.... if u know what i mean...i say this because i am speaking from experience cos that created a lot of problems in the past for me...

so i'm glad that Cheryl and i get along cos Gerald, her hubby, is one of my closest friends... and if u go look at her blog, she has a lot of lovely pics of her and Gerald...also, about what she does in her life...and it's great listening to her talk about how she feels about Gerald too... these 2 are sooooo in love!... Cheryl also has a lot of interesting things on her blog and interesting widgets too(which i have lifted off her blog...heheh..thanx)!!! and she really doesn't sound like she's living the life of a married woman from all the adventures she talks abt in her blog...hehehe... great blog, Cheryl!


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