I have recently started watching rugby... cos Rick watches them every saturday... sigh! I'm not very sure I understand the rules of rugby and when I can finally make heads and tails of it, i'll let you know...but I do know there's rugby union and rugby league though and they sort of have different rules...anyway, it looks very very physical and I'm really impressed by the amount of physical contact in rugby and I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone's neck break while being tackled yet! ...but one thing I really enjoy is when New Zealand is playing. The All Blacks always do a Haka(Maori traditional dance). My goodness!!! I love watching them do a Haka(there are different haka for different purposes). They do look intimidating when they do it... and i have to say something really 'woman' now. I'm beginning to think rugby players have got some of the most fantastic bodies in sports!!!! I also have to say the New Zealand rugby players are at the top of my list now...and believe me, some of them are so good looking, it's impossible not to go ga-ga over them! hehe...

Here's a link to a video showing the All Blacks doing a haka, enjoy!


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