here i am trying to figure out where to begin telling you about my adventures... and hehe... i'm eating breadsticks with this wierd dip made of fish roe(fish eggs) ... tala-sumthing!!! i'm surprised i'm eating this since i don like fish and i don eat fish eggs..roe..whichever...sigh!!! but i have to admit it's nice... think i'm going crazy... first things first, i've only been here for 3 weeks and i have already put on about 2 kg from gorging on apple pies smothered in double cream.. yum yum!!! the fish dip is called 'Taramasalata' which is very light pick in colour and i didn't know it was fish roe until i saw bits of round balls in the dip and when i was at Sainsbury's, i read the label. it was fish eggs!!!!


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