Longest Day- Summer Solstice

Yesterday, 21 June, was supposedly the longest day of the year. It's also the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere. When Rick told me it was the longest day of the year, i thought ...ok, does that mean the sun rises earlier and sets later? i actually waited till it got dark which wasn't much later than normal...cos when i woke up at 4.38am, it was light... hehehe...nope...at least not exactly on the same day... so anyway due to the position of the sun and the earth (or something like that) to day is supposed to have 12 hrs of daylight for the equator, 24 hrs of sunlight for the north pole and 24 hrs of darkness at the south pole... and some places may experience earlier sun rises while other places later sunsets...

and talking abt sun rises... did you know that the druids used Stonehenge as a calendar back 2,000 or so years ago? Anyway, on this day, the sun is supposed to rise exactly on one stone in particular-the Hell stone and this was supposed to be a very important day for them.And the druids also have rituals or celebrations to praise the sun and they light fires to strengthen(???) the sun cos days would be getting shorter soon. They do this on Midsummer's Day eve, which is only a few days after summer solstice (this part i can't figure out, why midsummer when it's only a few days after summer solstice!) They( the ancient and present day druids...yes, druids are still around) do a Summer Solstice Ritual/ Circle Dance (http://www.awakenedwoman.com/solstice_ritual.htm) where they light candles and praise and sing in a circle to give thanx and to ask for wishes to be granted, cos this is supposed to be the day when the Mother(earth maybe?) is at her strongest. Worth a try you think?


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