To Wales

We attended a wedding in a hotel in Wales. It was such a simple affair. They had the civil wedding at a hotel in St Davids, Wales. Very short ceremony and a nice simple lunch of leek and potato soup, Welsh lamb and 3-chocolate dessert. Here are pics of the bride and groom,

the garden where the guests hang around while the wedding couple disappeared for a while,

a little man in a suit

and a pic of Rick and I. Rick in a tie is a rare occasion! So enjoy!

There is a TOLL after Seven Bridge where people have to pay to get into Wales!!! I was actually so happy! And the toll attendant was so polite!!! I wish I could put up a pic but all the pics of Wales in my camera were erased because Rick's Mac doesn't like my camera! Stupid thing! I had pics of the little town(St Davids is a very small town), and of the seaside and the interesting farm houses and a church we passed, but they re all gone so I'm very annoyed.

Oh and here are 2 pics of the very beautiful and interesting tiles on the hotel room and toilet walls! There are pics of flowers personified in lovely short poems. Downstairs are tiles of the history of the famous people or royal family history of Wales.


escape2 said...

nice tiles ;P

Bea said...

kan...i spent almost all my free time just looking at them especially in the toilet and in the shower!!! hahhaha

Cheryl Leong said...

Hmm, Rick looks good in the suit and u also look lovely... I bet u had a fun time in Wales ....

Bea said...

hahah thanx...I'm going to tell him that!!! he kept wanting to take it off..hahha...ya we had fun drinking mostly!!! these ppl can really drink! it was glass after glass. ppl kept buying each other drinks!

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