Second Herbal Course

This is wat my second herbal course looks like and it tastes worse than the first course... first it was twigs, now it's leaves. Second course was actually finished yesterday, so now I'm on my third course.. and I have to say, I am getting better except I felt something snap when I was coughing last night, so now my ribs hurt like mad especially when I cough... and I thought my ribs are finally healing after 2 weeks of constant pain...sigh!!! but I am getting better so apparently chinese herbal medicine does work, albeit slowly...

I'm so lucky Rick is so understanding. The herbs aren't cheap in UK and he hasn't complained about me coughing at night and waking him up more times than once... And he's been doing most of the cooking cos I hurt too much to handle cooking, and slowing down his sprinting to accommodate my snail's crawl when we go out, the cuddles and kiss-betters and all the other little things he does for me... He's really one hell of a man!!!!!


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