First Herbal Course

Sigh!!! I hv been coughing for a while now and lately it has been worse so I went to Rick's Chinese Traditional doc to see what he thinks... sigh!!!! apparently I'm wheezing because the muscles(I think) at the opening of my lungs are contractign so I get shortness of breathe bad when it gets cold. And I have lots of phelgm in my lungs. So he recommended acupuncture and cupping!!! sigh! so I tried that for the first time in my life in England!!!! Let me tell you... although the needles they use in acupuncture are very fine, it wasn't very nice when he popped it into me..and the worse part was I had to stay very still cos if the muscles where the needles are move, you can feel the needles! It was so hard staying still and Rick was getting annoyed after 15 mins of me trying to goad him into talking to me...heheh..after that was the cupping. cupping is where the doc swipes the inside of a glass jar or cup thingy with burning cotton soaked in alcohol so that the void of the oxygen in the cups sticks to ur skin like a vacuum so u end up with an enormous hickey. It was more than uncomfortable ( despite what Rick says) and I was like in tears cos the cups were heavy and I really didn't like the sucking feeling. Then I had to boil and drink a herbal concoction for 6 days twice a day. and the herbs stink!!! the taste was even moe bitter than it smells! But I'm very proud to say, I finished the first course of herbal concoction. Now, I'm on my second course of herbal concoction.


escape2 said...

get well soon

Bea said...

i'm trying..but apparenly my lungs are inflamed or something so it's going to take a while.. but thanx

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