Home Office

Rick's new office....hehehe.. he works from home now which is really great cos we spend the whole day near each other and everytime I look up, I see him at his computer... he has that serious thinking look that I love when he's working...and when he's thinking, you can pratically hear his brain working!!!! hehhe...The downside is he flies somewhere every week for either a day or a few days. On Monday, for example, he went to Amsterdam. Next weekend, he's flying to Cairo. The week after that, he's off to US for training. And the following to Dubai for a conference...so it's sort of I see him 24 hrs a day for days then none at all for days... hehehe..well, I suppose you can't win them all....

this is him walking around during his conference call just now... heheh I've learnt to stay in one place while he's on the phone cos when he's talking on the phone, he has to walk around the whole place... heheh


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