Catching up...

Peng came over to visit me when Rick was away in Cambridge. We had lots of fun, shopping, knitting, cooking, gossiping...hehhehe basically just catching up and we had a Scrubs marathon and a CSI marathon...hehhe... We had fried mee hoon for dinner...nice! I think we had so much fun!

We went picture-taking crazy just before Peng went to the train station. took lots of pics... This one's my fav.

I've converted her into being a knitter..hehehe..

We were watching CSI I think and Peng disappeared for a while. I thought she was in the bathroom until I heard 'Sasha! Hi Sasha!' hhahhahaha... she was hiding in the hallway calling to her dog on the phone!!! hahah I just couldn't resist taking this pic! Poor girl, having to hide in the hallway to talk to her boyfriend! Better than girls who are glued to the phone with their boyfriends on Girls Night Out.


Cheryl Leong said...

How I wish I can hang out with you too in UK. Too bad financially can't afford *sob sob*

Bea said...

well i did ask gerald to let u come alone first while i'm here....cos u can stay with me or with James

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