Finally after 2 months of separation, we are reunited for a week... it's not very long but one can't complain too much when one is happy...

the past 2 months have been horrible... apart from missing Rick and the stress of getting the visa done, the one other thing that has stressed me out tremendously is a lot of my friends in kk have somehow ostracised me because I am now married! They do not want to disturb me anymore because 1: I'm married, 2: I have my own family now....

What rubbish excuses!!!!! yes, I'm married does that mean that I have changed? Rick's not even here now....why hasn't it crossed their minds that I need friends more than ever now to help me get through the stress of everything instead of 'nt wanting to disturb me because I am married now!' Does it mean that I have to look for married friends instead now? what rubbish!!!!!!

I'm glad that some friends are still friends unlike so many of them... this sort of mentality has to change!!!! idiots!

anyways, Rick is here with me for a all is well now......and I'm so happy!!!!


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