Did i see right?

Let's see... Bright yellow rubber boots, curly mop of hair, big mole on face, stripe shirt, trousers tucked into boots... Hmmm... Phua Chu Kang right? That's what i thought...

Rick and i were waiting for the lift up in the hotel. As we were entering the lift, from the reflections on the mirror, i thought i saw yellow boots but it was hard to tell cos the lift area was dimly lit at best. So we went in and the moment i looked up after doing the key access thing for our floor, i saw a man dressed up like Phua Chu Kang. Well, i first saw the boots, then trousers, then shirt, then the mole and then the hair. I mean who in their right mind would dress like that,right? I tried hard not to stare... Not the boots but at the mole and the hair! LOL it's only a character from tv I know but the only thing that crossed my mind then was how utterly disgusting Phua Chu Kang was! And I didn't expect him to be that tall either.

It was only after we got back in the room and explained to Rick who he was that I should have asked for an autograph or a pic! But I was too busy being disgusted and trying to figure out why he looked familiar. Oh well!


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