Oriental City

Finally Oriental City!!! Hehehhe... Almost 90% of people in Oriental City are Asians...Hehehe like suddenly I'm back in KK or something... The food court was fantastic!!! Malaysian food, China Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Thai food... Yummy!!!! But too bad it was lunch time and we couldn't get an empty table...so we went upstairs to a Chinese food buffet... hehhe... needless to say, i had too much to eat!!! and for the first time, I had Sugar Cane Pork soup!!! It was very nice... I thought it was just pork with dried veg or something but when i dug around, i saw sugar cane..at least i assume it's sugar cane and not bamboo...heheh...yummy!!! and fried sotong, fried chicken wing, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, s'pore fried mee hoon, siu mai, har gao, fried pork strip, hot and spicy soup, the sugar cane pork soup, pak choy with garlic, steam fish with plum sauce... a lot kan??? I feel like a glutton!!! hehhe...yummy!!! and the supermarket there... Sigh!!! heaven!!!! bought so many things... most importantly... maggi mee!!!! prawn and chicken flavour and Indo Mee!!! hahhaha... and maggi chilli sauce, a wok, chinese rice bowls, chinese soup spoons, sauce plates, canned longans and lychees, dried veg, kangkung, belacan...hehheh so many things... sigh!! and there was Thai durians... but i didn't dare to get any cos of the smell which i think will suffocate everyone in the apartment building...hehhehe.. i didn't want to get into the local paper about suffocating ppl...and there was jackfruit... hahha... and i think for the first time in Rick's life, he saw mangosteens and longans ... cos it was so difficult to describe what they are... hehhee... well, it'll be at least 3 months before we go to Oriental City again... long long wait... oh, and i couldn't resist buying ham moi but the sweet preserved kind, not the salty ones...hehehe...I'm a happy woman today!!!


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