Summer Holiday-Part 3: Innsbruck!!!!

To be honest, before this, I have never heard of Innsbruck!!! It's in Austria... And it's beautiful... on the way there on the train, i felt like I was in The Sound Of Music!!! The mountain ranges are beautiful!!!! Hehehe... and I was very surprised to see sooooooo many Asian tourists in Innsbruck!!! Too bad we couldn't try the chinese food there cos I wanted to know the difference the chinese food is in these European countries... but their local beer is good! There were these signs which I particularly liked... It said 'No Kangaroos in Austria' which unfortunately I forgot to get!!! We took a bus to Stubai to go up the Tyrol mountain...It was freezing and Rick was very brave cos he was wearing shorts...I had my jacket and pashmina shawl in the bag!!! hahha... we walked on ice which was covered with a cloth of some kind so it wasn't that slippery... The cable car ride to the top took 35 mins!!! but then i realised it was 3150m high... shorter than Mt Kinabalu but they had glaciers and ice on the mountain tops even in Summer!!! Austria really is beautiful!!!!


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