Summer Holiday-Part 2: Venice!!!!

Well, after Rome, we took a train to Venice. There's water everywhere in Venice!!! Instead of taking a normal taxi to the hotel, we took a water bus, which is called the vaporetto, to the Ca'Doro area. The back alley of the hotel is the river... hehhe.. everything is done by boats here, bus, taxi, loading boats... cos no cars are allowed in Venice. They leave their cars and buses at one place where the modern buildings are, then from that point on, there're no roads for cars or buses or lorries. As you can see from the pics, water everywhere... sigh!!! Venice is beautiful but there's not much to see except water and gondolas and tragagtto(which is a gondola that takes you across the river in less than a min but it was scary cos only one person rows the tiny thing and the passengers and conductor(he collects the money- 0.50 Euros) stand. the tragagtto reverses out and when it's in the middle of the river, you can see engine-powered ferries and speedboats coming at you!!!! The thing about being in Venice is that when i stand still, i feel like I'm floating and swaying... Serious!!! Rick says it's all in my imagination!!! Hehe, the seafood there is fantastic!!!!! I had a pasta with scampi which was unforgettable and a seafood soup which was heavenly!!!! KK seafood is still the freshest but in Venice, it was unforgettable because of the taste... Venice is beautiful... but Rome had the best attractions!!! We went to Chinese restaurant...Man!!!! The food was fantastic!!!! we went to one in Rome too but it was horrible!!!


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