Sussex-Part 4: Beachy Head

Finally the last part of my Sussex this is Beachy Head where, according to James, a lot of people go to commit suicide. When i gathered enough courage to get out of the car, i nearly (seriously!) got blown away cos the wind was sooooo strong. I got back in the car in a hurry!!! and I'm not exaggerating! I steeled myself and braved the cold wind and walked down to the beach which sadly has pebbles instead of sand. and there were people who were surfing in the bloody cold water. The cliffs are white because they are chalk.

See how big the waves were?

We went to the other part of Beachy Head where the lighthouse is...

see how gorgeous the view is?

oh! and i got greeted very enthusiatically by this beautiful dog who came up on me from behind and scared me and the dog insisted on licking my hand when he/she had to say goodbye...hehehe


Cheryl Leong said...

I love the last photo of you & the dog. Very candid shot ;)

Bea said...

hahaha..james saw the dog coming and shouted out to me...but by the time i turned, the dog was at the other side of me...scared me i tell u

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