Summer Holiday-Part 1: ROMA!!!!

So the first stop was at The Vatican, The Eternal City... it was like a dream come true!!! Finally I get to see the places I've seen in documentaries on TV... hehe.. we WALKED everywhere!!! and it was soooooo hot!!! I had to get a big hat to protect myself... hehehe... and it was sunblock spf50+ 24 hrs a day there... we went absolutely everywhere... St Peter's Basilica (where the Pope lives when he's there, DEmons and Angels by Dan Brown), Sistine Chapel, Colloseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum ( where the roman emperors used to hve their offices and discussions, like the Roman Puterajaya!), Circus Maximus ( which was soooo disappointing cos i expected more, not just an empty field with a raised mould and a tree!!! so the media does lie!!!), etc.. so many places I can't even remember all their names... the food!!! sigh!!! their grilled veg is absolutely gorgeous. there were so many varieties of cold cut meats, pastas, gelato ice cream ( I ate more ice cream during the 5 days in Rome that I have had in the past 6 months!), the drinking fountain sprouting fresh spring water all over the city, some were ice cold, some warm but all clean drinking water from the original 'pipes'(can't remember the name for it) that the Romans built thousands of yrs ago... and Saint Peter's Church is gorgeous...You wouldn't believe how big or how beautiful it is until you see it for yourself, The Sistine Chapel which houses one of Michaelangelo's most famous painting on the ceiling is amazing!!! The architecture of Rome, the sculptures, art...You should have seen all the pictures we took of Rome!!!! Rome has truly left me speechless... Rome has got to be my most favourite place in the world!!! I know I sound like I'm babbling... I am!!! You have got to be there to experience it!!!


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