It's amazing what you learn from Facebook... hehe.. I just read a very amusing article posted by a friend on FB. It said that Michael Jackson was a Muslim! I didn't know that... Did you?

It was an article written by someone in The Brotherhood of Islam in Bahrain where MJ stayed at during the course of his trial for that thing with the kids at his house. So anyways, according to the article, Mj expressed his interest in Islam publicly in 1989. He converted in Nov 2008 and went on Haj with the King of Bahrain and son in Dec 2008. And according to this article, MJ wasn't allowed a public Muslim burial by the US government. His public burial was Christian and his private or real burial was muslim in Neverland. And,...heheh.. hehehe... hehe.. this is because "...the US Government is afraid of the rising numbers of Muslims in the world". Bear in mind by whom this article was written!

sigh! Amusing, is it not? Anyway, for the article, click here... not sure if the link works or not though.


tiee said...

only he knows if he's a muslim. we wouldnt know now. but the muslim would love to boast that he's converted while the christians will maintain he hasnt. anyway, that's his problem with God. hehe...Been hearing this rumour for years now.

Bea said...

seriously? I had absolutely no idea till now!!!

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