All Kinds of People

Last week brought in a variety of people to the restaurant... Some were really nice and some were such big jerks!

There was a big black guy who came in with his girlfriend, I assume... He was an arsehole! When he came in, my boss showed then to a table and I was setting the table near them. So after a while, I served is normal cos you need some time to look at the menu, don you? The moment I asked, he asked if I had anything against big black men wearing pink?!? What the f**k? Then he said he was joking. Then when my boss took his order, he told her that I told him that she hated him!!! What a shithead! He was trying to be witty but sounded like a massive jerk!

Then there's this Japanese guy who comes in for lunch and always orders Roast Duck Rice. Never has he once smiled. Once I asked him if he wanted another drink cos he finished his but hasn't finished his rice, the bastard waved me away!!! He was sooooo rude! Feel like slapping him and asking him if he knows what manners are.

But for every 3 of these idiots, you get a good guy. There was this man who asked me where I learnt my English cos I didn't sound British. He said I sounded American and said my English was very good. Best thing was he gave me a £10 tip but I wasn't allowed to keep it. The boss' daughter saw the tip and her eyes went wide.

Then there was this table of old folks. They was very sympathetic that my English was good but I wasn't allowed to teach here without a PGCE.

Sigh... my legs still hurt! sigh... oh and on Fri night, I spilled a bowl of fried rice on the floor just before serving it to the customers....sigh and I got chilli sauce all over my trousers...sigh...


escape2 said...

jerks are always jerks. just appreciate those good ones in life. chill....

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