Gosh!!! It was so weird this morning... Rick and I thought we had slept in a bit too late this morning cos it was 10am when we woke up. So he got up and got ready to face the world minus having a shower cos he was already late while I lazed in bed for another 10 mins and then to get ready and go straight to work.

So anyways, the clock in the bedroom said 10:15am. And there was no way I could have got that wrong cos it's a digital clock!!! hehe.. I am handicapped when it comes to telling time on an analog clock with no numbers... so anyways, when I came out of the bathroom...and I normally take about 20 mins in the mornings... I thought what the heck? and I went and turned my laptop on. then I glanced down at my watches on the table and they both said it was 10 to 10!!! I thought okkkkk...maybe I forgot to wind one of my watches and it had stopped. so I wound it but then I realised that both said the same time. and so did my laptop when it finished loading! Then I went to the bedroom and the stupid clock said it was 11.00.

At that moment, Rick came in the door cos he went downstairs to get his iphone which he left in the car last night! The moment he came in, he said it's only 9.52am. And I said ya! That's what all my watches and laptop said... except the clock in the bedroom!. We even turned the tv on to check the time.... hehehe

hmmm...it's really weird and a bit spooky when you think about it... and it is the Ghost Month on the chinese calendar... spooky!


escape2 said...

ooh....so which country do you think your chinese ghost comes from? ahahahaha

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