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I have no idea what's up with me tonight!!!! I'm in such an amazing mood tonight!!! I feel so loving especially to friends!!! If you know me, you probably know that I am a rather ... hmmm ... unsociable person normally ... but tonight for some reason, I feel love for all my friends... close friends, new friends, old friends, lost friends.... FRIENDS!!!! I feel like I'm beaming with love for everyone!!!! I'm amazed... truly am amazed!!!!

I LOVE YOU, GUYS!!!!! Thank you for taking a part in my life. It doesn't matter if we are not always in touch. It doesn't matter if I haven't seen you for years. It doesn't even matter if you don't like me back... because tonight....and most probably only tonight.. I love all of you!!! hehehe..

No, I haven't had any alcohol...I'm not on drugs or ciggies either... wonder what I'm high on... must be the result of having the whole day to myself and enough rest finally and not being sick for the first time in 4 weeks!!!!

I'm happy and I wish everyone is happy too! MUAKS!!!!


tiee said...

Love u too girl...

Audrey and Martin Wiles said...

happy that you're happy n not sick anymore.. love u heaps too.. am glad we got back the spark of our single days eventhough we r both married now. hug hug! joyful joyful, i adore ye.. hehehehhe

ash said...

now that's such a sweet post radiating happiness all over! *hugs*

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