BeaLee's Jewellery & Craft

Finally, I have done something I've been meaning to do the past few months!!!! I have set up my very own BeaLee's Jewellery & Craft on Coriandr!!!

Ever since I started learning to make jewellery, my friends have been very supportive of me saying my things looked nice. And so from all these praises, ( I like to think they are praises!!!!) I have told a few friends about my intention to start a webshop. Their response were good. And my brother helped advice me and did some research for me. Peng helped me design the banner at my webshop and bought my first item from the website!!!!. Janet bought a few things off me. Jo ordered some earrings. And others who said my things were nice....Thank you!!!
Of course, it's only the beginning and things are slow.  But I'm looking ahead... hopefully some people will like my things. I need more things to put in my shop so that there's a variety. But having a design in your head and actually making them is very hard....but perseverance is free and I will have perseverance!

But if you are free, click on the link and go look at it. Tell me what you think of the site or of my things. For once, I don't mind being criticised!!! hehehe... oh and pass the word round, will ya?


SJB said... oh.

escape2 said...

well done. keep up the good work. waiting to see more beautiful designs

Bea said...

thanx girls!

Fely said...

Oh well done Bea!! Am just going to have a sneak peek now. XXX

Bea said...

thanx Fely, do tell me your ideas!

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