Moving House

Yes, we are moving again... it's been a year already here and the lease to the place is up soon and so I asked the Hubby whether he wants to move or stay a month ago when the agents sent us a letter. Hubby, busy with work as usual, didn't even acknowledge me so I thought ok....maybe we'll stay...must remind him again to let the agent know...soon...

Then about 2 and a half weeks ago, when the hubby was free, I brought the matter up again. I said if we want to move, we have to let he agents know and find a place real quick. If we don move, we have to renew the lease. Hubby said let him think about it and started looking at houses in York...(which he does all the time anyways...places in South of France, KK, etc)...cos he likes York. So I looked as well and sent him pics to look at..again just for fun cos by then, I thought we were going to stay. That was a weekend.

Then all of a sudden on Monday I think, he told me to rate the places he has listed down that we have both liked in York. So I did. It didn't cross my mind that he was serious. Then he started calling the agents and making arrangements to view the places we just rated. on Thursday.. wow! I was a bit blur. That was when I realised we were going to move.

But me being me, life is hard!!!! By Wednesday, 3 out of the 6 we planned to view were taken.... On Thursday evening, we drove up thinking we'll book more when we get there. The moment we got out of Reading, it poured!!!! all the 4-hour-way up Leeds where we stayed overnight. At 5 am Friday, some idiot started knocking next door. I assume it's the wake call. It took them 8 mins to wake him up. Sigh.... by then I was awake and couldn't sleep again after that.. Don you just hate it when that happens? And breakfast was expensive and disappointing... Not a good start.

So we drove to York and got to the hotel at about 1030....sat at the lobby and made more calls for house viewings and waited to check in at 12  cos the hotel said it was ok. We deliberately chose a Friday cos it was a working day and hopefully it wouldn't be that jammed...hmmm... nope, it was the end of RaceDay... sigh jammed. and we couldn't see any more places we liked and the ones we liked were already taken... we were a bit depressed by then

At 12, the room wasn't ready yet so we had to leave our things in the car and go to our 1st viewing... fantastic things were looking up. but it wasn't till Sat, we both agreed on the same place. phew! We paid the booking fee. so were happy. 15 mins later, the agent called. said they couldn't charge booking fee was all the rest(booking, deposit, etc.) are done thru another company. OK we had to walk back and refund our money. and wait till Monday fo rthe girl in charge of it to ring us. 

Come Monday morning, the girl rang us and told us that the company put the place up at 2 agents and now, we and another family is fighting for the place cos we both wanted the place at the same time.  so we had to rush home and fill in the application forms and email them to her immediately...Sigh...Imagine how annoyed we both were. Then we had to change our move in date 2 weeks earlier than we wanted just to get the place.... ok that done... after waiting for 2 hours, we finally have the place. Then for some reason, the company couldn't process Hubby's credit card!!! after the 3 time, hubby gave them another card....sigh! finally!!!!

Happily we went our agent at Reading to give notice that we are leaving.... nope,... it wasn't a month's was 2 months.... sigh... we thought were had to waste a whole month's rent to do both places!!!! Luckily, the landlord has agreed to put the place on the market earlier and if someone wants our place, we could leave next month... phew.... fingers crossed someone will take this place soon!!!! phew!!!!!


escape2 said...

aiyoh...i can feel sweat beads appearing on my forehead after reading the house searching process. glad i don't have to do it here.
will look forward to seeing new house photos soon....good luck

SJB said...

What a day huh?. Well, good luck.

Bea said...

escape, ya lo... i will put pics up... got very cool features in the new place!

SJB...thanx! I'll need it for the move

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