Visiting Jo

Here's a belated blog about a visit I should have blogged about 2 months ago... but with constant writer's blog, it's been delayed till now. And while going through my collection of pics, I came across these pics and thought I should blog about this...

We went duck feeding with the kids on this visit... with very healthy wholemeal bread! haha... The kids were so cute. hehe and there was a lone swan amongst all the ducks... wonder what he was doing there.

As some of you know, back in June was Rice Dumpling Festival, or Dragonboat Festival or Tuen Wu Jia (I think), I visited Joanne and the kids. Hehe...I brought with me on the 4 hr long train ride to her place up north 2kg of glutinous rice (cos that's the smallest packet), a whole packet of dried bamboo leaves and 1 kg groundnuts. It was sooo heavy. 

This is a pic of what I took back the last we stopped at Jo's place on the way to Scotland.

So anyways, we made rice dumplings using my grandma's recipe but with modifications cos for some reason we couldn't find 5-spice powder at Tesco that day. We bought a Chinese Spices instead which was the closest we could find to 5-spice. It was different but it was nice as well. It tasted like home away from home.

Kelly helped us wrap the dumplings... haha... I tooks pics of Jo and Kelly wrapping the dumplings but forgot to take pics of the dumplings... ha ha ha...It was fun!

I thought I would have a lighter bag on the way back..... hahhah nope! Everytime I visit Jo, we  go to the craft shop... and I end up buying lots...That time I went home with shoes, yarn, beads, clothes....hehe heavier than when I went with the rice,etc. next time I should take pics of bfore and after.


escape2 said...

such beautiful kids joanne have kan?? the daughter is so big already. how time flies

Bea said...

ya! very fast!

SJB said...

Ku chung? :D.

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