Finally I went to Legoland... been wanting to go for so long...finally when Janet and Sandy said they were taking their kids, I jumped at the chance too... I have to say though that Legoland Windsor is more like a theme park than what I thought legoland to be. they are lego structures here and there and the sturcture were quite impressive but i exopected more structures built from legos if you know what I mean....imagine half of sunway lagoon with lego structures every 100 metres or so. but I enjoyed myself very very much. So here are some of my fav pics.

first, the entrance. you can't not take a pic in front of the entrance!!! but this was taken at 8pm when the park was closing. Impossible to take a good pics during opening hours.

One of the giant dragons made out of lego blocks. pretty impressive! It was very very big.

farmer's wife and pigs and chicken.

At the lego centre, this pic of the Queen looked really real and the almost full size bike is my fav.

And this cockpit is made entirely out of lego blocks. It's very big.

This is the inside. with real graphics display.

One of the rides.

This section is called the Safari section. The ostriches and lionesses were sooooo real!!!

Pretend Gold Panning

This was a gigantic structure. See the size of it compared to the people sitting at its base.

Games stall. I won the meerkat at basketball and the pig at number balls. No idea what I was thinking. It was sooo embarrassing carrying it home that night cos that meerkat was BIG.

Miniland. My fav section. I mean this is what Legoland should be about! These were mini structures of famous buildings and different European landscapes.
Love the cows in this one.

Wish Michelle, the photographer were in the pic...Oh well....

I think everyone should go to at least one Legoland once! I was a bit disappointed cos I expected more lego structures but I loved whatever was there and we enjoyed ourselves very very much!


SJB said...

My boys love this. How much for the ticket?.

escape2 said... are so good at those games ah?? dun be embarassed...i am sure ppl are envious

Bea said...

SJB, tickets are Adults £38 and children 3-15 £28 I think. not sure

Escape, hehe shooting hoops bah... and number balls based on luck!!! haha

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