Baby Sling

I thought only Asians use baby slings by using a sarong to carry a baby or a small child to keep them by their sides.... apparently not! I was surfing the internet the other day and came across a website for baby slings. These commercial baby slings look and are used exactly like sarong slings but they are made from better and varied fabrics and are a bit stretchy. I bet they are more comfortable than sarongs. and most probably babies feel more comfortable in them too cos they come with padding to cushion the babies, unlike sarongs which are not stretchy and not padded. And these baby slings come in lots of colours too which are more contemporary too compared to sarongs though the colours are not as vibrant. On the other hand, these baby slings also come in different sizes for women, or men, with different body shapes. Like if you have bigger breasts, narrow or wide shoulders, length of your torso and height, you need different baby sling sizes.


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