Virtual International Calling Cards

Pingo, if u r thinking of calling abroad, offers cheap international calling cards online. When u sign up, u'll get 5 hours or $5 of free calls. It's a pretty good deal cos u can use this from anywhere to call everywhere and u can get it online, so no need to go out in the rain and get sick like i did. And if u finish ur credit during a phone call, they won't cut u off in the middle of the conversatio either. sign up and enter tis discount coupon 'ppp3' to get another $3 off. So that means, u pay $17 for $25 worth of calls. There're no hidden fees as well unlike some of the other calling cards I've used to call home. My balance got deducted for reasons I'm not even aware of and everytime I checked, my credit was less for no apparent reason! u can get a Pingo prepaid calling card and call me at RM0.26 (3.8p) per min (see rates) to talk to me when I get homesick!!! Pingo also offers business and family deals as well where u can manage international calls for different people under one main account! I wonder if Rick is interested cos he calls home quite often too... Another good service Pingo offers is their refer a friend programme. When a friend signs up, u get paid $5. Hehe..maybe i should get him to sign up under me and get the $5...


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