Our Place

I thought some of you might like to see our place.. but the pics i took don really do the place justice though. It looks really small in the pics but it's a bit bigger than that and comfortable.
As you come in thru the door, mirrors!!! fantastic before going out.

The library cum guest room cum laundry drying room cum storeroom. The silly man shipped 90% of what're on the shelves from Australia! As if he's not going to get new ones here. Bottom middle shelf's my books and half of bottom right.

The living room viewed from the library. The window's where I smoke with my head sticking out of it. Right end of the sofa's my corner where my knitting things are. That's my new soft toy, Bicky, which Rick 'kicked out' of the room when he came back from Slovenia yesterday cos she was on his side of the bed. hehehe

The kitchen. On the right where my 'shrine'(pics of my famly, which include Audrey and Besra) is the fridge. cool huh? The electric stove is in the middle. Beside the pics where the cloth is hanging is the oven. The bar top-style table is supposedly the dining table but the Mac is on it. The comfy chair is the Boss' Chair so whoever's show is on gets to sit in it. The blue and black cloth-thingy is the rug I made for the sink area.

The table was supposed to be where i would do my jigsaw puzzle but I can't be bothered to clear it. Bunny ears from the Thames Festival which Rick's landlord, Stuart, bought for me. The pics are of Rick's daugthers and his grandson. I made the 'frame' by the way out of the plastic stuff that came with my shoes and wool left over from my knitting and the flowers which i dried.

My sheep skin rug. It's gorgeous and soft but stinks a bit if u lie down on it. It's very warm on cold days.


Martin & Ah Ean said...

hey sweetie.. nice place u guys got there... two things
: need closeup of you shrine so i can see which pic of me n besra you've got up there...
:y no pic of your bedroom?? wanna see where you do your dirty stuff.. hehe

Bea said...

hahaha..hought so... the pic of u holding baby at the beach..its a very nice pic

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