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When Rick and I booked our hotels for our Summer Vacation, we went to many websites lookng for the best deals in hotels... believe me...we went to a great many websites before deciding on one. It actually took about 2 weeks to finally plan our holiday. I wish we had found this website back then cos this website would have saved us a lot of bickering and time deciding on which hotel to choose. Hotel Reservationsoffers a whole range of hotels to choose from ranging from 2-star to 5-star hotels to choose from depending on how much you are willing to spend on hotel rooms. They tell you very clearly how much the rooms are and whether breakfast is provided. This i think is important cos on our holiday, we weren't sure if breakfast was provided and we had to ask at every hotel we checked in at. this website also gives you the option of renting a car. You can also book your whole holiday from flights to hotel rooms to renting cars all at the same time. This is because they have a vacation package service which allows you to book everything at the same time and even give you many options to choose fom again depending on how much you want to spend...And the best thing is you plan all of this at home with just a click of the mouse! And if your whole family of sisters and brothers and uncles and aunts want to go, they offer vacation rentals like the whole house, resort chalets, condo apartments, etc to choose from. how cool is that? I was just clicking on Hawaii, who know?? maybe i'm lucky enough to go there one day!! and you can book flights and resort rooms all over Hawaii. If we had known about this website, we would have definitely saved ourselves a lot of time and energy going through all the other websites to book our holiday. And save money too if we had so many discounts available to us back then!!! I definitely recommend you to try out this website. Summer is not over yet!!!


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