Thames Festival

We went to the Thames Festival in London along the River Thames yesterday with Rick's friend, Stuart and Michelle, and their friend, Andy. It was fantastic! We met up in a Park and lazed around watching Belly Dancing and listening to music and they were having wine and I had a Coke (cos I didn't want to turn red in public), and gorging on Thai Food and chatting under the sun. It was fantastic! This was the first time I have ever sat in a park and lazed around... There were so many people!!! Then we walked along the Thames looking at the stalls. Everything was for sale! There were food and drinks stalls, jewellery stalls, craft stalls from different European countries, street performers, everything... It was fun. Then we had dinner at a Turkish Restaurant which I didn't quite like. Turkish food is not my thing but it was nice catching up with them cos Michelle is going back to South Africa on Wed and Stuart will be joining her in Oct. And Andy was very nice to talk to as well.
At night, we watched the parade. We had to climb over the railing which was toooooooo high for me to climb over so I made Rick walk further down to to cross it. Poor thing! Then we watched the fireworks. It was fabulous!!! and We picked a spot right opposite of where they let off the fireworks so it was a sight to remember!!!! Stuart bought us girls bunny eyes which lit up and it was funny! The guys kept laughing at us cos if we got lost, all they had to do was look for 2 pairs of bunny ears! hehehe...It was a really fun night! It's amazing Rick can get up and pack for Slovenia this morning! He coudln't stay awake on the way home and we got home only after 12..hehhe


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