I've been in a rather comtemplative mood for days now... My hormones must be running wild inside me... I know that many ppl are envious of my life right now... but i can't help but feel left out by everyone (which is obviously since i'm not there to be included!!!) and i do miss everyone... a lot... i believe that I am homesick! And it's not food that I miss... I miss my family and i miss my friends, I miss my car... I miss my things! I'm happy here with Rick... I'm happy I have time now to do things I've always wanted to but never had time or energy to... I miss my little angel and it's her birthday soon... And she wants to celebrate at school with her friends... her very first birthday party at school... and Litttle Besra... I can't see her first tooth, me being official Godma and all... I think these few years, especially last year, I've grown more attached to my family and friends in KK than I realised... All of a sudden, I feel like I have lost a lot of things and I have left my hoard behind... Not that I am making sense... but i feel like apart from me, everything else in my life is new. I have to start a new hoard now...but I'm fine..and I will be fine when my hormones settle down again... Stability has always and is still eluding me... Best thing now is to have a long drag of my best pal, my Rokok!

btw, my last project... what do u think?


escape2 said... you can make a bag? make enough and you can start a stall. haha..that will keep you busy.

Bea said...

hahhaha...i've just started on a wrap.... if i were to make things and sell, it's going to take 5 yrs before i hv enough to open a stall!!!! hahhaha

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