New Postie

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When I first started to blog, I thought I was just going to tell everyone about my new life in UK on my blog(i never thought blogging can make money!) ... I'm enjoying myself heaps being here with Rick and doing things I never had time for like all my new hobbies- blogging, scrapbooking, knitting, etc... amd I enjoy telling everyone what I've been up to on my blog... and then when i was reading Cheryl's(my best friend's wife), I saw this PayPerPost sign and $$$ beckoned me to try it and see if i really can make money out of this... I mean who wouldn't want to get extra money doing something they like, right? far it has been fun... after waiting for 3 agonising months to qualify, I finally do... and now the challenge is to write reviews... this is the fun part... u get to go check out new websites and read about them and then review them... hehehe... the power of reviews... not only earning extra money(heheh though in my case, it's my only source of income!) i think by asking Cheryl more questions about this, it sort of brought us closer as friends and not just as my-husband's-friend or my-best-friend's-wife... bottom line is... i love doing the PayPerPost reviews and i love being a new postie!!! it's a lot of fun.. try it!!!


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