As You Like It

It was one of the most enjoyable time I've ever had watching a play especially one at the Globe. Audrey, Rick and I went to watch As You Like It at the Globe on Friday. Although we stood in the Yard for 3 hrs in the drizzle, it was well worth it. I was reading through the reviews this play got, I'm surprised there was a so-so review about this play cos as far as I am concerned, this is FABULOUS!!!!

After a 3-course dinner at the Swan, we went down to watch the play.

We stood at the Yard right in front of the stage so we could see everything! Being so close to the stage, it was so easy to feel involved in the play! My fav was Tim Mcmullen who played melancholic Jaques(he looked like the man who played Severus Snape in Harry Potter to me!) and the more outstanding couple to me was Celia and Oliver instead of the main characters, Orlando and Rosalind. Celia and Orlando were a bit more 'real' in their acting to me. And Peter Gale, who played Amiens, sings like an angel!

Wrestling match among the audience stabding at the Yard, love poems written on papers raining down on the audience, the fantastic modern wedding dance scene at the end of the play...sigh!!!

what more can I say??? It was unbelieveably unforgettably the most fun time at a play for me! Can't wait to go and watch Romeo and Juliet next!


tiee said...

i'm sure it's great. specially watching it life. but romeo and juliet...OMG!

Bea said...

yes it was.... but i read the reviews and romeo juliet got really mixed reviews whereas as you like it only got one so-so review i think....but ya!!! romeo and juliet..hehe

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