House of Flying daggers

Nothing interesting happens to me nowadays which in a way I'm glad because things have a way of happening to me... bad things i'm glad for my dry run at the moment...

Anyways, here's something I found very amusing... I finally watched House of Flying Daggers! In UK! haha... I missed it when it showed at the cinemas at home. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it was on sky... hehe I was a bit excited while I waited for it to start. I'm so glad Rick doesn't mind watching the shows I want to watch. The best part was it was in Mandarin!!! Unlike in most of the other chinese shows they do show on Sky in UK, they dubbed the movies, so it sounds really stupid!! For some reason, these english people like to use stupid high pitch ah beng voices! Imagine Jet Li with a whiny high pitch voice??? Yuck!!!

Speaking of Jet Li, last week, it was Romeo Must Die I think. I wonder what's on next week... oh, it's Good As It Gets next week... yeah!!!

And below is the peom sang in the movie. It's written during the Han Dynasty by Li Yannian. It's beautiful!

A rare beauty in the north, she's the finest lady on earth.
A glance from her, the whole city falls; a second glance leaves the whole nation in ruins.
There exists no city or nation, that has been more cherished
Than a beauty like this.


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