The recent passing away of my old coursemate has brought back some old memories of the passing of my other friends years ago. Some of you would have read her blog by now...about how brave she was and what she went through...That got me thinking about 2 other friends of mine.

One was back in secondary school. He was diagnosed with leukemia. He was only 16. I visited him once in the hospital but he was having chemo in his room. He smiled and waved though. That's the last I saw of him cos he never came back to school and I went to college after that.

The other was a friend of William's and mine. He was 28 maybe back then. He had a brain tumour. A few days before he died, we saw him in the hospital and he couldn't speak by then. The moment he saw William, he said(wrote on a white board) that he was going to die.

I'm not even going to talk about my grandmother's passing away. I still can't.

I don have any near-death experience except for the time I was slowly suffocating to death but I didn't know it at the time. I only realised how close it was after I got well again. Even thinking about it now, It's scary!

How does one feel when one knows one is going to die? scared? frustrated? cheated? bitter? Gosh! I feel so morbid! Sigh! I shudder to think of how many deaths of loved ones a person has to endure in one lifetime.... ... ...


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