Attack of the bugs

A very weird thing happened at dawn today. you know the state of mind you are in when you are half awake and half asleep? This morning, I was over at hubby's side of the bed and I was trying to get pictures in my head. I'm assuming it's all in a dream but my body was responding... anyways, it was difficult to get many pictures(like a tv aerial thing) so i thought maybe it's cos we think at different levels so I couldn't get many pictures at his side. I turned over(both physically and in my dream) and tried to get pictures on my side of the bed...also to test out my theory of different levels of brain thinking...I could a bit more pictures this time but it was shortlived... I couldn't get many pictures after a while...and I could literally feel my brain trying to work out the reason for it when suddenly my eyes popped open. It was still dark. The moment my eyes opened, I started coughing. After a while, I sat up cos I didn't want to wake hubby. When I sat up, I stopped coughing really quickly. It was like deja vu...when I realised why that was, I nearly panicked. This is not happening again I thought...Sigh.. somehow the change in weather has made me sick and by being sick with a cold, it is beginning to affect my asthma...oh god!!! please just let it be a phase and nothing more!!!!!


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